Husky Rack & Wire

We are a stocking Husky Rack & Wire pallet rack dealer. Husky Rack & Wire is made in the USA.


  • Industry standard design: Our beam attachments have two adjacent teardrop punches on 2” centers (industry standard), so beams are compatible with most other pallet rack systems. Teardrop style punches are found in 93% of rack systems.
  • Increased safety: Our Bowlock safety clip securely locks beams in place.
  • Scalable: Made with high-strength steel, our uprights can be built up to 46 feet without splicing.
  • Made in the U.S. with 100% U.S. Steel
  • Available now: We guarantee our quick-ship items ship within 48 hours.
  • Color options: Standard colors are green uprights and orange beams.


  • I have recently had a rack collapse.
  • My pallet rack has been hit by a fork truck.
  • My beams are bowing and bending.
  • I don’t know the manufacturer’s capacities for my beams and/or uprights.
  • I have inconsistent beam colors and heights.
  • I see damage or rust on my pallet rack system.