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Security,Electrical,Automotive,and Newspaper carts

1946 and under the same management for the last 40 years. We are a family owned and operated company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As our competitors close plants and lay people off, we remain strong and competitive in these financially troubled times. Currently we have the third generation coming up the ranks to keep the family business healthy and growing for years to come.We are adding new products all the time so please keep checking back or sign up for our newsletter.

Automotive manufacturers produce and process millions of parts and accessories every year. Security cage carts are used throughout the manufacturing process as work-in-process carriers inside a facility and as distribution tools through the transportation network. We stock the most common size security cage cart, we can also have a cage cart custom built for you. Security Carts are also used in the electronic and computing industries. We have a couple of other carts for the electronic industry along with carts for newsprint distribution.

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Security Cage Cart 2 Shelf

Securely Ship Your Products or Protect Sensitive Equipment

Newspaper Carrier Cart, With Casters

Newsprint Distribution Cart

30 x 60 Platform, Flatbed Warehouse Cart

With 8" Semi-Pneumatic Casters .
$239.00 $229.00

Green Monster Plant Cart

2-Sided Multi-Shelf Plant Nursery Cart

Zinc Plated Plant Cart 56"

2-Sided Multi-Shelf Plant Nursery Cart

ESD/PCB Electronic Tray Cart

Side Load Cart With 20 tray Capacity
$195.00 $155.00

16" x 1.75" Carrier Cart Wheel

Newspaper Cart Replacement Wheel

Newspaper Carrier Cart, Hand Truck

Newspaper Delivery Cart


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