240 Dozen Egg Display and Distribution Cart

3-Shelf Folding Cart for Display or Transportation
SKU: 22-120

This zinc plated, folding cart is equipped with 3 solid sheet metal shelves that are sloped 1-1/8" from front to back to provide optimal load handling stability and product retention. Folding to a depth of 8-1/2" this cart can be easily stored away in secured racks or nested in an L-frame configuration when not in use. With 2 swivel casters and 2 rigid casters. This cart carries 240 dozen eggs, also works great for distribution and display.

Check out these features

  • 26" W x 25" D x 66 1/4" H
  • All zinc plated
  • Two position top shelf
  • 2 rigid- 2 swivel 5" phenolic caster
  • 330 units fit in a 53' trailer

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Attribute nameAttribute value
specifics26" W x 25" D x 66 1/4" H, zinc plated, two position top shelf, 2 rigid- 2 swivel 5" phenolic caster
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